I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and have already started to feel great benefit in terms of stress reduction and management of low mood. I cannot recommend this course highly enough and am grateful to Diana & Mark for sharing this experience.

Rachel Buckmaster, Community Nurse, 36-45yrs.


I found the course really helpful. It quickly started to make a difference to anxiety and feelings of stress that had built up over many years. Quite simply transformational.

EM, 56-65yrs.

An interesting, helpful and sometimes challenging experience. Will definitiely continue practicing the techniques taught. I liked the balance between spiritual teaching and corresponding scientific basis.

Keith, IT Support, 36-45yrs

I loved this course. I looked forward to attending each week, and I will truly be sad not to be coming anymore. I have found real benefit through Mindfulness & Meditation. Although it took me a while to fit the daily practice into my day. I now know when I haven't done it and miss it. My anxiety has improved, I don't feel overwhelmed by things like I did. I feel happier in myself. Thankyou both.

Amy, Sports Massage Therapist, 36-45yrs

Provactive and challenging, increasing in benefits as the course developed. Being given the space and the opportunity with positive repeated reinforcement was both essential and very helpful.

Neil, Physiotherapist, 36-45yrs

Wonderful. I so value the gentleness of it. It's kind and loving. I have felt a significant shift in the way I perceive and deal with things. I hope this will go from strength to strength and that I can pass it to others eventually.

E. Scott Mother, Stained glass worker, Secretary, 46-55yrs

THe course has taken me from being unhappy, anxious and lacking in hope to being in more control of my mental state, positive about the future and having the tools to change the way I view my situation. It has been insightful, interesting and enjoyable.

Clare, Occupational Therapist, 46-55yrs.

A useful, informative introduction to Mindfulness. The course has helped me to evaluate and consider elements of my life to enable me to make some positive changes.

GB, Personal Assistant,  36-45yrs

It's been an absolute pleasure. A place of calm in my hectic world. It taught me how to bring the calm home with me, grow it an apply it throughout my day to day experiences. Thankyou.

Jackie, Plumber, 46-55yrs.

Very helpful journey into understanding and practicing Mindfulness. Very good teaching and explanations and practice opportunities. Hopefully life changing and empowering


Sometimes I think the course had no impact as my life now seems so 'normal' then I remember and realise that I no longer hang onto the past, and just how hard each day living with chronic pain was, seems so far away. I havefinally accepted what I have, I function better at work, and my weekends are now weekends, not those two days where I worry about the stuff I have to deal with on Monday!  And I like normal definitely like normal!

GR, Director, 26-35yrs

It has been brilliant. The teaching has been excellent, interesting, responsive to questions,  down-to-earth and I really like hearing the Eastern and Western perspectives. My own practice has been a really interesting experience, I've been on quite a journey and feel really that I'm just beginning.

Sarah , Mum, 36-45yrs

I found myself really looking forward to the classes and enjoyed the sessions very much. The practice of meditation has transformed my life and I wish I has discovered it many years ago Having the support via telephone and email during these times of change was very helpful. I would encourage everyone to try meditation.

Samantha, 36-45yrs

I am very pleased I decided to do the course, although I never expected to gain much benefit  it has helped me enormously in very subtle ways. Meditation in now definitely part of my daily routine.

Julie, Self-Employed, 36-45yrs

This course has taught me how to 'be' in the midst of all my 'doing'. The daily practice of meditation is what makes the difference combined with the weekly teaching.

Mike D Williams, 56-65yrs

I have found this course very beneficial and have taken on board the benefits of meditation for life. I think Diana has been an engaging coach and explained everything in depth which I would not have got from a book.

Ann, Housewife, 56-65yrs

Diana delivers this eight week course with ease and expertise I was surprised at just how effective it was for reducing stress. Mindfulness has now become part of my daily life. i would really recommend her as a teacher.

Catherine, Therapist, 56-65yrs


The course has introduced me to Mindfulness practice, with some notable benefits to my health and wellbeing as well as providing a foundation for further development.

Rachel Jewell, Coach/Counsellor, 46-55yrs


Great teachers.  Working in a group environment is very beneficial, sharing experiences with like minded people. Everyone should achieve something from this 8 week course. Very enjoyable, thankyou.


Really lovely experience. I learnt a huge amount and felt very encouraged to practice. I enjoyed the small group and the informal chats and discussions and the mix of practice and theory each week. I feel very inspired and would very much like to deepen my practice with a view to using mindfulness in a new career.

JG, 36-45yrs.

There is often a misconception that being quiet and giving yourself time and attention can make a person self indulgent - this course proves that is not the case ! By givng yourself time, and learning how to be mindful makes the benefits to yourself ripple out to so many others. A beautiful experience and just the start of my journey. Thank you.

AS, 36-45yrs.

Wonderful - I feel so much more relaxed & mobile. I am happier.

Ian Goult, Retired, 75+yrs.

Changed the way I think about meditation,. It has enabled me to see my thoughts for what they are.

SC, Software Developer, 18-25yrs

This has been a really enjoyable course, covering so many different aspects over the 8 weeks. I have discovered lots of new things about myself and ways of dealing with different situations and different meditation methods and strategies. I would most definitely recommend this course to others. Many thanks.

Lisa, Nurse, 46-55yrs

The first seven weeks have changed my life! I've been able to halve asthma medication, feel  less stressed, better able to cope with 'stuff' in life. Relationships are better - easier and more fulfilling.

Penny, Researcher, 56-65yrs

Encouraging, simple, yet profound, accessible, all positive.

Mary, 75+

An excellent course for either beginners or those who wish re-engage with their meditation practice and share experiences in a group setting.

CB, Academic, 66-75yrs

I definitely felt a little apprehensive about this course after trying other techniques to control my stress  which leads to spells of insomnia, how I was proved wrong!

The course has a great structure and teaches you all about the different aspects and techniques of meditation. The supporting CD's are a great resource for your meditation journey. The course has been both enjoyable and beneficial and everything I have learnt will stay with me for life.Diana is a great tutor and is always there if you need support.I have really enjoyed becoming mindful, it has made life a much more positive place.

Mrs Hannaford, Operations Manager, 26-35yrs

The course was a great way of introducing me to Meditation and Mindfulness,

Diana is an excellent teacher and obviously practices what she teaches.

My stress levels were dramatically reduced from the highest to the lowest levels,

which has been great for me, my company and my family.

Mark, Director, 46-55yrs

I found the course very helpful in understanding the issues that 'press my buttons' and wind me up. I am now so much better at either letting them pass or directly confronting things and solving them to a greater/lesser degree. I appreciate my life more and am so more aware of the good fortune and positive aspects. I feel calmer. I appreciate all aspects of my life more now. I am calmer and more conscious of all the positive aspects and better able to deal with negative moments

RT, Teacher ( Retired), 66-75yrs

I definitely feel  I have gained an insight into mindfulness and its benefits and

have found the breathing to be most beneficial and realising that I needed to breathe into the belly. This has helped medically. The meditation has helped with anxiety issues but I hadn't realised how hard fitting the practice would be, however  I have missed it when I haven't done it. Being in a group has helped.

LP, Sales Advisor, 36-45yrs

I have gained new insights into my personal relationships as a result of doing this course. Thank you for your help. I will continue with this in my daily life.

Anne, Retired, 66-75yrs

Due to extraneous 'forces' - it has kept me afloat - and sane - to be able to:   

a) be part of a like-minded group and 

b)be given the tools to help me through.

Jenny Jones; Retired Teacher; 66-75yrs

A great experience, worth doing.

Chris, University Vice Chancellor ( Retired ), 66-75yrs

Diana is a superb healer and teacher. She has a detailed understanding of the areas concerning her work and achieves very positive results.

Gary, Tax Specialist and writer