Mindfulness  Retreats and Workshops

4 Retreat worksops

The Zen Way

of Mindfulness & Meditation



starting 18th May 2019

in East Devon

from 10.00 to 12.30

Within the Stillness we can develop

Mindfulness and discover our true nature

These retreat/workshops will be run as a series of 4 fortnightly workshops spread over 8 weeks in a retreat style setting. This course is a great follow on to our 8 or 6 week courses, taking our understanding and awareness to a deeper level. We will be exploring different topics each session and and taking a deeper look at these areas.


Over the four retreat syle workshops we ill be exploring:

• the physicality of zen

• the energetic basis of Zen

• awareness of Ki/ Chi

• self enquiry within practice

• self care

• dealing with difficulties with compassion

• freeing mind and body

• traditional Zen teachings

• deep listening

• a roadmap for the journey

 "Flow with whatever may happen, and let your mind be free: Stay centred by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate” ― Chuang-Tzu

I simply look forward to more, and I'm glad my daily practice is now pretty much secure. Feeling soothed - something about trusting, about not being alone. I'm finding this practice similar to Focusing, but with an extra, vital, ingredient - it feeds my soul (which has been VERY hungry). Thank you for your generosity and support throughout,


'This was a brilliant introduction to a silent retreat and came just at the right moment for me - seven weeks into the eight week mindfulness course. Extremely well -led and well -structured, the retreat day provided an oasis of calm and time to just be.'


The retreat was a very good experience if flowed seamlessly with a good balance of "sitting" and "movement". I felt vary secure in the calm safe space you both created by your quiet confidence and sensitivety to what was happening around you and your availability for conversation if required. THe atmosphere was very good indeed allowing me to simply let go and surrender to what was being offered.

I left inhabiting myself in a fresh nd very peaceful way.

Many thanks.