Weekly Meditation


"developing a more mindful way of life

moment by moment"

Weekly Meditation Group


Zen Flow

Freeing the Mind and Body


Movement & Meditation


Friday mornings 11.00 til 12.00

at the Estuary Clinic Topsham



An hour of flow in the tradition of Zen With guided....

• Insight meditations

• Mindfulness

• Zen Movement

• Energetic practices


Bringing a sense of calm, deeper awareness,

and assisting free flow of Ki or Chi (energy) helping you to

nourish, energise and free mind and body.


“I feel so calm, and physically energised”



 Ideal for those who have been on an 8 week course;

 regular meditators and beginners.



4 weekly block - £32


 " developing a more Mindful way of life moment by moment "

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