"developing a more mindful way of life

moment by moment"

Mindfulness & Meditation Training for Business

Mindfulness based Meditation is now recognised and used by businesses worldwide who are realising the benefits of providing this training to their employees to improve employee and business performance. 

Attendees will learn multiple Mindfulness based Meditation techniques and the ability to recognise and address the factors that trigger and increase their personal stress and anxiety, to allow them to improve their overall wellbeing and improve their focus and productivity. 

This 8 week course has been developed as a tried and tested 8 week programme to give attendees the opportunity to learn ways to improve their overall wellbeing, relationships and quality of life.  The course is suitable for any employee dealing with stress related issues, anxiety, depression, grief, mood swings, lack of confidence, chronic illness, physical and emotional pain, or are looking to improve their quality of life. Ideally candidates will be those willing to commit to 30 minutes in their day to practice meditation, with the intention of improving their health and wellbeing, with this personal commitment it is possible to make great changes.


An 8 week course to help employees gain:

- the ability to deal effectively with stress                                -   improved focus and clarity

- increased problem solving skills and productivity               -    enhanced self confidence

- vitality and enthusiasm for life                                                -    improved health and wellbeing

- appreciation of themselves and others                                  -    relief from chronic pain       

Mindfulness meditation, with its roots in the Buddhist tradition, is now widely recognised by medical professionals and scientific researchers, to be a valuable aid in dealing with our busy modern day lives. Helping us to cope well with life's challenges, and take the everyday stresses and strains in our stride, providing relaxation and a sense calm. 

The  aim of this course is to help attendees to build a firm foundation in mindfulness and meditation equipping them to move forward and incorporate mindfulness  and meditation into their daily lives.   


Participants will have the opportunity to be part of a research project entitled, "The Influence of Mindfulness and Meditation on Overall Life Satisfaction" running at Oxford University under the Departments of Materials and Experimental Psychology.

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